EpandMedia Accomplishes Series of “Mission Not Accomplished” Spots for the Democratic National Committee

EpandMedia’s Len Epand directed four :15 second issue ads that highlight major ways in which the current administration has failed the American people. The spots all wind up with the sign “Not” coming between the words “Mission” and “Accomplished.”

Epand created visual poems that show a sullen family squeezed into a small family room (“Middle Class”), a young couple on a windswept beach framed by a majestic America Flag at half staff conveying loss (“Iraq”), a couple of seniors posed in the driveway of their home (“Health Insurance”), and a pair of heroic-looking young workers standing by a closed factory (“Jobs”). The latter spot was also released in Spanish version. The campaign plays off the “Mission Accomplished” banner famously hung on the aircraft carrier on which George W. Bush spoke after the fall of Iraq last year.

The DNC placed the spots onto broadcast and cable outlets in time for the Republican Convention in New York.