EpandMedia Provides Media Research Services to Bloomberg for Mayor 2005 Campaign and Ad Team

EpandMedia just completed a two-and-a-half year research project for Bloomberg For Mayor 2005. Tracking all media–from TV and radio, print publications to the internet and campaign finance filings—Epandmedia Research compiled and then organized and mined this data for the advertising and public relations campaign that supported the re-election of New York City’s Mayor Bloomberg. The research tracked virtually everything written, said or quoted in both the English and Hispanic media about the mayor and his initial potential opponents and then, following the primaries, his actual opponent. This data was catalogued into proprietary, searchable databases.

EpandMedia Research provided the information necessary to support and substantiate critical issues raised in the ads, and sometimes suggested ideas for testimonial ad subjects. The quality of research was credited with imbuing the ads and PR with especially strong credibility and authority which clearly resonated with New York City voters. Bloomberg won re-election with one of the largest margins in history, beating opponent Fernando Ferrer 58.5% to 38.7%.