Super storm Hurricane Sandy slammed into the greater New York area Monday October 29 and wreaked havoc with vital transportation, communication and power systems in the whole region.  Indeed it shut down much of the Northeast for the subsequent week – the most critical and busiest week before the 2012 elections.

Shut out from working at its Midtown Manhattan facility, EpandMedia staff resourcefully called up its strong network of backup systems.  Consequently the company never lost its ability to produce, edit and mix several key TV and radio ads for races and issue campaigns needed throughout the country.

Employing its longtime relationship with a Greenwich CT music production studio, Creative Director Len Epand set up shop there.  Though downed trees killed town power an onsite generator kept things operating.  Meanwhile, Senior Editor Paul Levin was able to utilize his home edit system to generate the TV edits and graphics normally done on the office system.  And as long as his intermittent internet and phones operated at his Long Island home, producer and engineer Mike Hansen helped voice-cast talent and suggest music scores; when Hansen’s cell signals eventually went down, Epand picked up those aspects from Greenwich.  All this despite the fact that Epand’s family were evacuated from their neighborhood, their basement flooded by the Long Island Sound.

“Election season is no time for the faint of heart in the best of times.  You always always want not only to deliver everything your clients need, but to exceed their expectations,” stated Epand.  “Hurricane Sandy threatened to shut us down and though no one would have blamed us if we stopped functioning for a few days, we thought that unacceptable. So we figured out ways to not drop any balls and deliver on time. I’m extremely proud of our staff and friends, talent agents, and other suppliers who made that possible, and thank our clients for hanging in there with us as our work flow flexed to the conditions.  We’re glad we can look back fondly now at all the races our clients won with work we collaborated on that crazy week.”