Fannie Mae Enhances Its Profile With New Epandmedia-Produced TV Ad

The world’s largest provider of home financing, Fannie Mae, conveys how it has “Built something special in America,” enabling a vast number of families to acquire a home, in a new, informative 60-second TV ad.

Produced by EpandMedia’s Len Epand and directed by Penczner Media’s Marius Penczner, the ad – “Craftsman” – demonstrates what Fannie Mae does through the visual metaphor of a young architect drawing a new home in his garage studio, referencing many photos of people and their homes. His drawing transforms into a real home with its new family owners.

Agency The Glover Park Group commissioned the spot. “Craftsman” has been running on such cable news outlets as CNN, CNBC, MSNBC and such broadcast network shows as Meet the Press, Face the Nation and Chris Matthews.