The Future…Faster: Epandmedia help the Unites States Telecom Association Promote Deregulation

EpandMedia in association with Penczner Media produced a new commercial for the United States Telecom Association (USTA). Called “Hello,” the spot advocates greater deregulation of the telecom industry so that its many member companies can compete with the cable and satellite industry in offering data and other new tech services, meaning more choice and lower rates for consumers. “Hello” was directed by Washington, DC-based director Marius Penczner and commissioned through advertising agency The Glover Park Group.

Len Epand produced the spot which has been running on such national cable TV stations CNN, CNBC, and MSNBC and broadcast networks such as Meet the Press, Face the Nation, and Chris Matthews. It ran through December in a :60 second version and has been running in 2004 in a :30 second version. “Hello” opens in a cyber space environment of cell phones, video phones, and computers and follows the interconnections of people communicating with each other via these wireless devices, from family to office video conferencing.