November 14, 2016



Congratulations to all of the candidates and campaigns we worked with this cycle. 2016 was full of many long and brutal races but at EpandMedia we’re proud of all the campaigns to which we contributed sound design, radio production, and video production.


Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, declared victory in New Hampshire, unseating Republican Incumbent Senator Kelly Ayotte in one of the most competitive and closely followed races of the election cycle. Commissioned by agency SKDKnickerbocker EpandMedia produced radio ad “Tides”. The spot reveals Ayotte’s hypocrisy, backing Donald Trump for President until his support in New Hampshire began to decline. The ad is made particularly effective by the audio clips of Trump—disparaging women, ridiculing the disabled, and disrespecting a Gold Star Family—as well as Ayotte declaring that Trump, despite these deplorable actions, is a good role model for children. On Election Day the message resonated with voters, who rejected both Ayotte and Trump.


New Jersey’s Question 1 was a referendum to permit casino gambling in two additional counties in North Jersey. New Jersey overwhelmingly voted “No” with a 78% majority. Commissioned by agency Metropolitan Public Strategies, EpandMedia produced TV :30 “Ball Game”  and radio :60 “Trenton Can’t Be Trusted To Keep Promises” which warned voters about the potential dangers of further allowing gambling in their state.


In a tight race Nevada voted “Yes” on Question 1, to require background checks for gun sales in the state. In radio :60 “Loophole” for Nevadans for Background Checks, Jim Dunlap President of the Nevada Association of Public Safety Officers and former Las Vegas homicide Lt. Ray Steiber, explain why they support background checks for gun sales. The ad was produced for the agency SKDKnickerbocker.


Democrat Josh Gottheimer bucked the national trend by denying Republican Rep. Scott Garrett an eighth term representing North Jersey in Congress. Commissioned by agency SKDKnickerbocker EpandMedia produced radio :60 “Investigation” and sound designed TV :30″Garrett Tax”.


In California’s 44th Congressional District, Nanette Barragán won a heated race against Compton state Senator Isadore Hall to replace Representative Janice Hahn (D-San Pedro). Commissioned by agency SKDKnickerbocker EpandMedia produced Spanish language radio :30 “Barragán”.


In California’s 38th Congressional District, Rep. Linda Sánchez, a Democrat, held her seat. Commissioned by agency SKDKnickerbocker EpandMedia produced an English and Spanish language radio for Rep. Sánchez.


EpandMedia is also proud to have contributed work for some high profile campaigns that lost in the Republican Electoral tide.


Commissioned by agency SKDKnickerbocker for the DCCC (Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee), EpandMedia produced the following national radio :60 “The Final Decision”. The ad is an earnest and inspirational call to action by President Barack Obama urging the nation to vote for the Democrats.


Commissioned by SKDKnickerbocker, EpandMedia produced several radio ads and sound designed several TV ads for the campaign of Democrat Russ Feingold for Wisconsin U.S. Senate.

Democrat John Gregg’s campaign for Indiana Governor was another well fought race, but in the end proved unsuccessful. Nevertheless we are proud to have contributed creative work. Included here is a selection of radio ads EpandMedia produced for the campaign, commissioned by SKDKnickerbocker.