EpandMedia Aids Blair Hull’s Bid for U.S. Senate; Campaign Focused on Illinois Jobs, Economy

Epandmedia was hired by Washington, D.C. agency Squier Knapp Dunn to bolster its TV and radio ad production on behalf of Illinois’ 2004 Democratic US Senate candidate Blair Hull.

EpandMedia’s Len Epand conducted a film-to-tape session for Hull’s debut TV spots, and directed a key radio spot “Tough” that began airing in late July.

Written by SKD consultants Anita Dunn and Jim Mulhall, “Tough” emphasizes Hull’s main message — that he is best suited to help solve Illinois’ chief problems: its alarming loss of jobs and faltering economy. Hull, who worked his way up from teaching and loading trucks to owning his own successful business, has created many jobs through building his own company. And he has a detailed plan for similarly creating more jobs throughout Illinois.