EpandMedia relocated to Old Greenwich, CT so that founder/creative director Len Epand could operate close to his home and add two and a half hours of productivity to his day by eliminating his daily commute to NYC, where EpandMedia and parent company Flashframe Films operated since 1988.  The new address:  3 West End Avenue, Old Greenwich, CT 06870.  Tel 203.990.0590; Fax 203.990.0592.  The company’s longtime old main number – 212.354.8188 – will also ring through to the new location.

Epand cites the vast improvement of ultra fast internet speeds and advanced digital edit and mix systems as helping make this feasible.  Epand discovered that he and his company could function and deliver for clients just as well irrespective of location.  Even the aspect of having a recording booth in the city became unnecessary as the majority of major voice actors now either have their own home studios or could be directed via phone or Skype at one of the excellent facilities EpandMedia has relationships with throughout Manhattan.  Many agents vouched that many of their voice actors, if required, wouldn’t mind hopping onto Metro-North to Old Greenwich, where the station sits a stone’s throw away from the newly relocated studio.

“Old Greenwich is great,” commented Epand.  “We have some of the best restaurants, delis and pubs right down the block.  And with rents so much more reasonable here we’ve also been able to ease our clients’ budgets by offering more attractive studio rates. Not a small thing in this economy.  A clear win-win.”

Epand’s belief that the move would work was reinforced last Fall when, during the height of ad production for the approaching elections, Hurricane Sandy shut down all commuting to the city. Epand found he and his company could produce TV and radio with no diminution of quality and speed working out of a Greenwich, CT studio.  They included radio ads supporting winning US Senatorial candidates (Joe Donnelly/Indiana and Chris Murphy/CT), a US Congressional winner John Delaney/MD, and a TV ad for NYS Senate winner George Latimer.

Epandmedia Engineer/Editor Mike Hansen and Senior Editor Paul Levin continue with the company, altering their commutes to accommodate the change.