EpandMedia’s Len Epand Directs NYC Mayor Bloomberg in “King Michael” Parody TV Ad for Inner Circle of City Hall Journalists Benefit

EpandMedia’s Len Epand directed New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a 90-second parody political TV ad, “King Michael,” which played as part of a larger skit the Mayor put on with the cast of the Broadway hit musical “Spamalot” (including star David Hyde Pierce) for the Inner Circle of City Hall Journalists dinner March 11, 2006 at the New York Hilton Hotel.

Taking place in medieval times, the ad’s content sends up the TV ads EpandMedia made with agency Squier Knapp Dunn for Bloomberg’s 2005 re-election: Beside a series of testimonials from various peasants, a knight, a monk (Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott), and an old woman (singer/actress Ellen Foley), the ad features a scripted speech by the King (Bloomberg), relaxed on a park bench, telling about what he was accomplishing in building more schools, improving healthcare, and even removing cow dung from the paths.
“King Michael” was written by the mayor’s event writer Douglas Bernstein (who plays the tradesman talking about jobs), filmed by Bob Rudis, and edited by Tom Howley. SKD’s Damon Miranda executive produced, and Allison Jaffin coordinated.