EpandMedia’s Radio Ads Help New Jersey Governor John Corzine’s 2006-07 Budget Win Approval

EpandMedia’s Len Epand recently produced dual 60-second radio ads, “Gimmick” and “Best,” in support of New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine’s 2006 budget.

Conceived by Knickerbocker/SKD consultants Josh Isay and Micah Lasher, the ads were credited with helping turn public opinion in favor of Corzine’s budget and making it prevail after a confrontation with the legislature that resulted in a week-long shutdown of the state.

The ads were sponsored by the CWA (Communications Workers of America), AFSCME (American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees), and the NJEA (New Jersey Education Association).

They supported Corzine’s budget for both its fiscal responsibility (it represented a real balanced budget) and its protection of essential public services such as schools, hospitals, and retirement security. The Knickerbocker/SKD and EpandMedia-produced spots are credited with helping expose the inequitable nature of former budgets, and more importantly establishing the legitimacy of Corzine’s responsible budgeting.