Massachusetts Ads by EpandMedia Urge People Vote, Make the “Big Choices”

To increase November 2004 voter turnout in Massachusetts, the state tapped Squier Knapp Dunn and EpandMedia to create a pair of :30 second TV ads encouraging people to, as Secretary of State Bill Galvin urges, “register and vote. You will make a difference.” The ads emphasize the “big issues and big choices” facing the electorate. Directed by Len Epand and executive produced by SKD’s Josh Isay, “Big Choices” mixes film of Secretary Galvin into a ripping montage of 30 images — images contrasting opposing sides of such issues as the environment vs. oil consumption, war vs. terrorism vs. democracy in Afghanistan and Iraq, homeland security vs. personal freedoms, the assault weapons ban vs. the right to bear arms, the right to life vs. a woman’s right to choose. EpandMedia produced and edited versions for Boston and markets outside Boston.